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Bartender Game Post Mortem


You are the bartender and must create and serve drinks to your customers. If you make drinks quickly and correctly, you will earn bigger tips. If you make drinks too slowly, then your customers will leave angry and leave you a bad Yalp rating.

Click the pages on the walls to view the names of each bottles and the drink recipes. Click the left arrow to spin around and see your customer drink requests.

To make a drink, click on a bottle to move over the drink glasses. When the bottle is in the pour position, click on a drink glass to begin pouring. Click the bottle again to set it down.

When you are not pouring, clicking a drink glass will move it to the bar. When a drink is on the bar, click a customer to serve the drink. The customer will then leave and leave a tip. A happiness countdown value is displayed above each customer. If the happiness countdown reaches zero the customer will leave a complaint.


This game is still under development. The customer will randomly tip regardless of drink served. The final rating is based solely on the number of customers whose happiness countdown reaches zero.

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Developer Commentary

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Published 2 years ago
StatusIn development
AuthorLevi D. Smith